The dietary upside to chicken wings

You’re going to buy them. You’re going to eat them. With that in mind, Hi-Line Centre Pizza and Wings in Hamilton suggests you learn everything you need to know about their takeout chicken wings so that you can enjoy them guilt-free.

Let’s be clear. A fried chicken wing is not a celery stalk, so you can toss away any thought that your chicken wing is anything but a delicious comfort food. We all know the health risks of eating a diet heavy in fried, fatty foods; you can easily connect the dots among high body mass index, waist size, overall weight, high cholesterol levels and a daily diet of saturated fats from fried foods.

But here’s the good news for chicken wing lovers: an average-sized chicken wing that’s been fried with the skin on typically has only 80 to 100 calories. Take the skin off, and you’re consuming approximately 35 to 40 calories. Yes, coating it with batter and adding a thick layer of honey-garlic sauce can boost the calories into the 150 range, but when the chicken wings you love come with the variety of sauces available at Hi-Line Centre Pizza and Wings, that’s likely a caloric count you’re willing to take.

There’s a bigger upside to eating chicken wings than just great flavour. As a meat source, chicken wings are relatively high in protein. Chow down on a decent-sized wing with the skin on, and you could be consuming as much as nine grams of protein. Take away any dusting of flour or other coatings, and a chicken wing is also carb-free. Depending on how they’re cooked, wings are relatively low in cholesterol and contain decent amounts of potassium and iron.

Thanks to their origin in Western New York, chicken wings are still usually ordered by the pound. (Besides, it seems completely unnatural to say “Can I order a half a kilogram of wings?”) Depending on the size, that usually means seven to 10 wings in an order. If you order a pound of wings and wind up with eight tiny wings, you’re probably being underserved.

Hi-Line Centre Pizza and Wings offers great chicken wings to complement Hamilton’s best pizza, plus a variety of other great takeout menu favourites. Visit them at 1150 King Street East at Gage in Hamilton. Call 905-545-7444 to place an order.

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