Let Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings cater your next special event

The team at Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings in Hamilton, Ontario, knows that one of the main components of having a successful event is serving amazing food.

This is why they offer their patrons a chance to enjoy all their Hi-Line Centre favourites at their next event. Whether you are hosting a birthday, graduation, anniversary party, or are just having a celebratory gathering with friends or family, they have several different menu items sure to satisfy an array of tastes.

They will cater food for up to 100 people with only a couple of days notice. And, they will customize your order so you can have any combination of food you want from their menu. They will even deliver it to your venue free of charge!

They offer a large variety of menu items besides pizza, slab pizza and chicken wings.

Other dishes include shwarma, gyros, poutine, meatball and pizza subs, potato wedges and onion rings, panzerotti’s, chicken fingers, a variety of fresh salads, fries, garlic bread and veggie sticks.

You can create a party combo of your choice that includes any of their menu items. Mix it up as you please, and your party guests will be sure to enjoy all the different foods at the event.

If you are a teacher or school administer, Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings offers special pricing for schools, so you can give both your staff and students a special treat of delicious food they will love to eat.

The best part of having your food delivered for your next event is you don’t have to spend any time thinking about what to serve, buying the food, preparing or serving it. You can just pick the menu you’d like, and let Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings do the rest!

If you want Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings to provide the food for your next event or special occasion, call them today at 905-545-7444. They’d be happy to discuss the menu so you can enjoy all of your Hi-Line Centre favourites. Contact them today to discuss the details.

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