The dietary upside to chicken wings

Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings, Ontario, Hamilton

You’re going to buy them. You’re going to eat them. With that in mind, Hi-Line Centre Pizza and Wings in Hamilton suggests you learn everything you need to know about their takeout chicken wings so that you can enjoy them guilt-free.

Let’s be clear. A fried chicken wing is not a celery stalk, so you can toss away any thought that your chicken wing is anything but a delicious comfort food. We all know the health risks of eating a diet heavy in fried, fatty foods; you can easily connect the dots among high body mass index, waist size, overall weight, high cholesterol levels and a daily diet of saturated fats from fried foods.

But here’s the good news for chicken wing lovers: an average-sized chicken wing that’s been fried with the skin on typically has only 80 to 100 calories. Take the skin off, and you’re consuming approximately 35 to 40 calories. Yes, coating it with batter and adding a thick layer of honey-garlic sauce can boost the calories into the 150 range, but when the chicken wings you love come with the variety of sauces available at Hi-Line Centre Pizza and Wings, that’s likely a caloric count you’re willing to take.

There’s a bigger upside to eating chicken wings than just great flavour. As a meat source, chicken wings are relatively high in protein. Chow down on a decent-sized wing with the skin on, and you could be consuming as much as nine grams of protein. Take away any dusting of flour or other coatings, and a chicken wing is also carb-free. Depending on how they’re cooked, wings are relatively low in cholesterol and contain decent amounts of potassium and iron.

Thanks to their origin in Western New York, chicken wings are still usually ordered by the pound. (Besides, it seems completely unnatural to say “Can I order a half a kilogram of wings?”) Depending on the size, that usually means seven to 10 wings in an order. If you order a pound of wings and wind up with eight tiny wings, you’re probably being underserved.

Hi-Line Centre Pizza and Wings offers great chicken wings to complement Hamilton’s best pizza, plus a variety of other great takeout menu favourites. Visit them at 1150 King Street East at Gage in Hamilton. Call 905-545-7444 to place an order.

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Great takeout means both convenience and quality

Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings, Ontario, Hamilton

Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings in Hamilton isn’t just about food; it’s about convenience. With your busy schedule, time is a rare commodity. After a long day at work, you don’t always have the time or the energy to prepare a satisfying meal, whether you’re dining alone or feeding the whole family.

For takeout and delivery options in Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Dundas, Ancaster, Waterdown or the surrounding area, Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings offers you the convenience of great fast food products and healthy meal choices.

The usual knock against fast food is that it’s not always a healthy choice. On the contrary, pizza, gyros and shawarma can be loaded up with a variety of fresh vegetable options that deliver as much natural goodness as a less-filling salad. All of these menu items are quickly prepared and ready for convenient pickup or delivery when you want them. Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings prepares all menu items with your satisfaction in mind. There’s no point in ordering out if the food you get isn’t up to par; in other words, quality doesn’t have to suffer at the hands of convenience. Whether you’re dining in or having dinner delivered, the consistency and quality of their food preparation is what sets Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings apart from their competition.

With a workforce that is no longer built on nine-to-five careers, the Greater Hamilton Area is full of people who get hungry at all hours of the day and night. Another aspect of convenience offered by Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings is their hours. They’re open seven days a week with full kitchen service until midnight, except on Friday and Saturday nights, when they stay open until 2 a.m. Just because your work schedule doesn’t align with traditional lunch and dinner hours doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to late-night takeout and convenient meals prepared when you’re ready to eat.

For pizza, panzerotti, wings and much more, visit Hi-Line Centre Pizza and Wings at 1150 King Street East (at Gage) in Hamilton. Contact them at 905-545-7444.

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Hi-Line offers high-value pizza

Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings, Ontario, Hamilton

Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings in Hamilton, Ontario, is where you can find quality, homemade pizza at unbelievable prices. Whether you are eating on your own or sharing with a group, Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings offers great deals for takeout and delivery.

Not only does Hi-Line make delicious pizza, but they also offer an entire menu full of other tasty meal options. Choose from freshly made shawarma and gyros, as well as more traditional options: chicken wings, chicken fingers and subs.

If it’s pizza that you’re craving, Hi-Line will have you raving. Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings makes exceptional tasting pizza, using the highest quality ingredients, handmade and cooked to perfection. Hi-Line offers over 24 toppings for you to choose from. You can even order large slab pizzas and panzerotti.

Also, let’s not forget the sides. Round out your meal with a savoury side dish or two. Add your choice of fries, poutine, potato wedges, onion rings, garlic bread, salad and more. Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings has something for every appetite.

Can’t choose just one thing? Check out Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings pizza party combos. Hi-Line has special group rates for schools, teams, corporate events and more. Contact them to learn more.

From a wide-ranging menu to delicious, homemade food — not to mention affordable prices and the friendliest service in town — Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings is, without a doubt, the whole package.

Make your next pizza a Hi-Line pizza. Call Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings to place an order at 905-545-7444. Or stop by to take advantage of their fantastic walk-in specials. Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings is located at 1150 King Street East in Hamilton, Ontario, close to the King and Gage intersection. They are open Monday to Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. on Sundays.

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Let Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings cater your next special event

Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings, Ontario, Hamilton

The team at Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings in Hamilton, Ontario, knows that one of the main components of having a successful event is serving amazing food.

This is why they offer their patrons a chance to enjoy all their Hi-Line Centre favourites at their next event. Whether you are hosting a birthday, graduation, anniversary party, or are just having a celebratory gathering with friends or family, they have several different menu items sure to satisfy an array of tastes.

They will cater food for up to 100 people with only a couple of days notice. And, they will customize your order so you can have any combination of food you want from their menu. They will even deliver it to your venue free of charge!

They offer a large variety of menu items besides pizza, slab pizza and chicken wings.

Other dishes include shwarma, gyros, poutine, meatball and pizza subs, potato wedges and onion rings, panzerotti’s, chicken fingers, a variety of fresh salads, fries, garlic bread and veggie sticks.

You can create a party combo of your choice that includes any of their menu items. Mix it up as you please, and your party guests will be sure to enjoy all the different foods at the event.

If you are a teacher or school administer, Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings offers special pricing for schools, so you can give both your staff and students a special treat of delicious food they will love to eat.

The best part of having your food delivered for your next event is you don’t have to spend any time thinking about what to serve, buying the food, preparing or serving it. You can just pick the menu you’d like, and let Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings do the rest!

If you want Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings to provide the food for your next event or special occasion, call them today at 905-545-7444. They’d be happy to discuss the menu so you can enjoy all of your Hi-Line Centre favourites. Contact them today to discuss the details.

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Taste the difference of homemade cooking at Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings

Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings, Ontario, Hamilton

When making classic foods, the team at Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings in Hamilton, Ontario, knows that it has to have the right combination of amazing taste and fresh ingredients.

This is why they serve their dishes with only the best and freshest ingredients, using recipes that were handed down and have been made in their own family for generations.

A popular eatery for the past decade, Hi-Line Centre is a family owned and operated business, and hailed “The best pizza in Hamilton.” They offer the best tasting food, made with the freshest ingredients and at the best prices possible.

While some pizza parlours only specialize in making different pizza varieties. Hi-Line is not your average pizza parlour. They believe variety is key, this means they offer a large variety of menu items besides classic pizzas and chicken wings.

Other dishes include shwarma, gyros, poutine, meatball and pizza subs, potato wedges and onion rings, panzerotti’s, chicken fingers, a variety of fresh salads, and so much more.

However, if you want to try the star of Hi-Line Centre, order one of their freshly made, piping hot, delicious pizzas, topped the way you want it, made with the best ingredients and served with the sides, or dipping sauces, of your choice.

Everything is made fresh to order, and there are menu specials each day of the week. They also offer combos that combine a variety of their best pizzas and other dishes so you can have a meal with several of your friends and family from only $25 – $40.

For the best pizza in Hamilton, or to try some of their other delicious menu items, visit Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings today. They offer in-house dining, pick- up and delivery. They also cater events. Call them today at 905-545-7444 with any questions or contact them to learn more!

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Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings

Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings, Ontario, Hamilton

At Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings in Hamilton, Ontario, you’ll find mouth-watering pizza and wings, as well as amazing deals and specials.

View their menu to see all of the amazing deals available, including three for one deals, and combos that include all of your favourites. No matter what you choose, you can build your own pizza with all of the toppings you love. The extensive toppings list includes pepperoni, mushrooms, ground beef, Italian sausage, bacon, salami, ham, sundried tomatoes, black olives, pineapple and more. To ensure that every bite is delicious, every pizza is made to order using fresh ingredients.

To really stop hunger in its tracks, you need to check out all of the side orders that are available, and that pair perfectly with your pizza. Their sides include wings, fries, potato wedges, poutine, salads, onion rings, subs, shwarma, gyros, bread sticks, garlic bread, pop, dipping sauces and more.

If you are in the neighbourhood, stop by to pick up some pizza and enjoy great deals. Their “Pick Up Special” includes one topping and is just $6.99 for a large pizza and $7.99 for an extra large. Feeding the family? Pick up one medium pizza with three toppings, 25 chicken wings, veggie sticks and dip, one garlic dipping sauce or one garlic bread for just $23.99.

No matter what time hunger strikes, Hi-Line Pizza & Wings is here to help – the pizzeria is open until 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Fast, free delivery to the local area is available from open to close. For added convenience, debit is available on delivery.

Schools receive special pricing, making it easy for the kids to enjoy a pizza lunch.

Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings is located at 1150 King Street East in Hamilton. For more information or to place an order, call 905-545-7444.

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